Marketer seeks validation

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

After 15 years as a qualified marketer (on paper) I have taken the decision to upskill and update my qualification in the dark art of digital marketing.

The last 10 years of this time I have seen the rise, the absolute rise and the meteoric rise of digital marketing. I would consider myself to be strong at most aspects of digital but I cannot say I can conquer all and I don’t think anyone really can. So no┬álonger can I continue without some professional validation.

Nowadays, the speed of which marketing is evolving is insane. Digital marketing is now main stream marketing. Traditional marketing is now what goes on when you are not doing digital.

Like surgeons, marketers are required to constantly update and stay on top of their skills. We are never baked (Seth Godin).

Here’s to 30 hours of learning and a valuable piece of paper at the end of it (I hope). At least I will have a reference point to say I know digital.




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