What Subjects Make Your Blog Tick?

In marketing, We all like to blog about broad and varied topics. This shows our audience that we are not only fixated on selling what we have to offer but we like to show you that we have knowledge about our industry, your industry, your challenges and your successes. I like to think of this as 360 marketing; grabbing your audiences attention by talking about topics related to them. Forming an attractive marketing content guide is essential for any business looking for more customers. It will also give you an insight to what blog titles are working for you.

“If you write for everyone, then you’re writing for no one”. 

But have you ever asked yourself what topics are working for your blog?

Here is a simple guide to getting this data on Google Analytics:

  1. Set the date at the top of your account. I did this for the last year so I have enough data to analyse.
  2. Go to your Google Analytics Account. Go to Behaviour on the left hand side. Then click on Site Content. Then to Content Drilldown. I think this is a new-ish feature…but correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Select Blog/ (if you are using this url hierarchy which most people do).
  4. This will load you most popular blog posts.
  5. I took the top 20 for my analysis.

Eureka! There you have it, all of your best performing blog posts over the last year. From here you can segment them (paper and pen guys if that works) into subject categories, high interest and low interest, exit %, Bounce %).  Healthcare is a big topic for my business so I wasn’t surprised to see this as the number one topic with 43%. But some of the other topics I was surprised about. You can also add a second dimension in to the report. I added in Traffic Source so I could see what blog posts were ranking on Google with popular search terms and what traffic I was getting from Social Media and in particular Linkedin.

Here are my stats:

20% of visitors from Google

12% Linkedin

68% others /mostly direct visits.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash



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