Are You Leveraging Google’s Help?

If not then you really should.

With approximately 90% market share of the search engine market, Google is a super juggernaut in terms of being found on the internet. Coincidentally, 90% of a buyers journey starts by “Googling” a product or service. Therefore being on the first page of Google is a must. Whether you are paying to be there (PPC) or ranking organically (unpaid) you have to be there or you are missing out on revenue – fact.

I recently was responsible for getting a company up and running in terms of being found on the internet and I have to say without Google Adwords, I can safely say it wouldn’t have seen maybe 3/4 of the results that we got.

Therefore, returning to my question are you leveraging all that Google has to offer in terms of support? I have found myself regularly calling the helpdesk at Google for various reasons. What I have found is that they have been invaluable in getting the most out of AdWords. They even talked me through setting up remarketing on my account which has been a great “awareness builder” given the high number of impressions but sadly not many clicks but I knew that anyway before I set it up.

Probably the most useful aspect has been their advice on campaign optimization. The small details that go into making a good campaign great.

Top tip: If you manage multiple accounts then download Google’s Adword Editor software. It has many uses but the main one is it enables you to copy and paste complete campaigns, keywords, settings etc from one account or campaign to another. You can download it here for free

Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash


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