#1 Trend in Marketing

We (marketers) are now copywriters, media people, publishers, advertisers, photographers etc all rolled into one. We have the power and skills to get our message out into the world. No longer are we subject to sky high advertising rates held by industry publishers. We now have a choice! We can live at the top of the funnel without anyone else putting us there.

The number #1 trend in B2B Marketing is self-publishing. We are totally responsible for creating, editing and publishing our own content; blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, surveys etc. That’s brilliant! But hold on its not that easy. Firstly, we got to come up with the great content, which can be difficult considering all the other tasks we have to do. Great content is usually time consuming – it doesn’t have to be but that’s another blog post. Secondly, what is the point of having great content if nobody can find it and more importantly digest it.

Now that’s the challenge: come up with great content and make sure people can find it. Take this blog post for example. I publish this on my blog and its read by about 50 people. I publish it on Linkedin and its read by another 50 people…so I need to publish this on as many platforms as I can in order to get maybe 200 reads and a hand full of shares….that’s a lot of work.

So if you have something to sell. You need to to publish where people’s attention is at. If you are selling home baking supplies then you need to be where people are talking about baking. Facebook, yes. Instagram, yes. Youtube, yes and so on. Not only do you have to be where the attention is you also have to hack into it so you can get their attention. The hour after The Great British Bake off has aired on TV. Peoples attention is on social media discussing the show and sharing recipes. Especially on smartphones and tablets.

What is the next step? You guessed it: sponsored posts, adverts, video ads etc etc. Hack that attention. People are no longer offended by brands hacking their attention. They are now desensitized by the whole experience (especially millennials). Its like Google Ads 5 years ago….hardly any people clicked on them out of fear of the unknown. Now approximately 30% of people rely on them for a quick fix to their search.

With that said, go forth and publish.






Information overload – PPC Tips

I have hit a ceiling here. There is way too much information out there on digital marketing particularly with SEO and PPC (articles, blogs, whitepapers, guides, demos, case studies etc).

This is mainly of my own doing. I subscribed to every recommended blog out there. Searchland, Hubspot, Google, Moz, Campaign…you name it. Now my inbox is being bombarded with tips and tricks , download this guide, 6 ways to…..arrgghhhh just stop. A lot of this stuff is very repetitive. For me the best way to deal with this overload of information is to just scan through it in order to see what is of interest. Then I can digest these articles in my spare time, which is limited due to a 16 month old toddler.

Every business is different so the best thing to do is play around with Adwords and the keyword planner tool. This first step is worth doing. Complete the Google Adwords Tutorial. This takes about 1.2 hours. It will stop you making a lot of silly mistakes in your first campaign. Then its trial and error from there to see whats working. Another tip is not to thinker too much. I would give each change a week to see what the outcome is before changing it again.

Create a Adwords account, play around with the keyword planner for a while, create a plan with your adgroups (tier #1 e.g. Digital Marketing Services) and keywords (tier #2 SEO help) and create ads for your Adgroups. All of your keywords are then supported behind the adgroups to make sure you are hitting the right search queries.

Remarketing and conversion reporting are more technical and you may need some outside help from someone in the know or a web developer.

Check out this great article I found regarding using the Keyword Planner Tool here.

Keep the faith.